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Post Offices in Colorado

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USPS Customer
Horrible EGREGIOUS MANAGER!!! Sexual harassment from manager Rosanto and clerk Eddie!! Vindictive liars.. CLAIMED my P.O. Box was closed yet it was NOT CLOSED!$ it was my bday. With held AND RETURNED MY PACKAGES CLAIMING I DID Not pay my box fee. No notice. Box fee due Nov 30 THIS IS FEB 14th. REALLY PEOPLE??? Held my package HOSTAGE..REFUSING to give to me UNLESS AND UNTIL I PAID A MONTH..AGAIN!!!They kept lying to 1800 stating case was resolved, when it was not. REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANY DOCUMENTS THEY DOCTORED UP TO JUSTIFY THEIR ACTIONS!!! I am Retired from the USPS DUE TO THE TRAUMA AND PTSD I SUFFERED WHILE I WORKED THERE!! Eddie also stole a shed I had ordered and was confirmed by another clerk that it had arrived!!!
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What is going on with the delivery service. Its been a few weeks now that I keep getting mail that does not belong to me. It was not delivered to the correct address. I put them back in the mail stating delivered to the wrong address but it keeps happening. Today some lady came to my door with three small packages. She said she lived on the other side of the tracks and they were delivered to her home and it clearly has my address. She said they were delivered two different days! Thank goodness she was kind enough to bring them to me I have never complained before but its getting really out of hand. My neighbor says she gets wrong mail also. Please fix this.
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Mail service is very bad. Mail not delivered and late at night or not at all.
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USPS Customer
Blonde lady is unnecessarily rude and needs to find a new career

Does the post office test for meth? She is tweaked out.