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Post Offices in Illinois

Recent Reviews

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The people that work at this post office really don't like doing their job. They will barely scan any packages you give them and will give you attitude or an excuse as to why they won't do it. I drop off without getting my packages scanned (which is scary) and I've had one package go missing. That package was never found. They questioned me if I dropped it off or not. Why not put the blame on the customer since I can't prove that's exactly what I did. They are paid a salary to provide services that the U.S. Postal Service endorses. I go elsewhere at times but it's sort of out of my way since they are conveniently located in my area. Isn't that the reason why customers drop off their packages in the first place because it's in the neighborhood? Why should a customer fear for the packages they ACTUALLY drop off at the post office will disappear into thin air???
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I'm so tired of senders saying my address is not valid. *** Meyer Ave, Hamel IL 62046
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USPS Customer
I have not been receiving my mail daily. I have emails with the pictures of what will be delivered that day well it seems only get mail maybe 3 times a week for last few weeks.