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Post Offices in Missouri

Recent Reviews

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Packages delivered by the USPS on 1/12 &1/20 were delivered poorly. On 1/12 it was just thrown in the driveway. On 1/20 it was left in front of our detached garage which is over 50ft from our porch & there was NO PACKAGE!!!!! Every other delivery has been made to our porch just fine by the USPS & other delivery companies. The weather especially on 1/20 was sunny & clear. My husband & I both proudly worked for the USPS & are retired & not in great health. We were shocked to discover each time it was the USPS that delivered poorly.
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Parking is limited. Across the street from a Dollar General. No off street parking. Parking on Main Street which is a busy street and quite a bit going downhill. Inside is fine. Post Office Boxes separate from clerks with large work table if needed. There are two entrances to lobby. There are facilities for three postal clerks but often when busy there is only one clerk and waits can be long. Clerks are friendly and helpful. I can only give it a three
star rating due to the poor parking and at times long waits; three and a half is more accurate but not available.
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USPS Customer
Generally an above average post office. Employees are friendly and helpful. This office receives most new issue stamps. Plenty of parking, though lot can get congested. Closes for lunch from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.
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USPS Customer
The young heavy set long haired girl that works up front at counter is very rude!!! I heard & witnessed her several times cussing & screaming at someone on her cellphone in front of customers! She makes us customers wait while she's doing this or while she's getting handsy with her significant other who stands around like a big oaf. It's disgusting! She's very rude & not helpful when you are trying to take care of your business. The entire time she's doing transaction she is annoyed cause you expect her to do her job. If she wants to be lazy she needs to stay home! Management needs to run a better office & train/discipline the lazy useless employees! I won't be going back!