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Post Offices in North Carolina

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I have lived here 10 months now and have previous residents mail put in my mailbox weekly..!! I am disappointed that this postal worker continues to deliver their mail in my mailbox after I have written on all mail to “RETURN TO SENDER” !!! DOES NOT LIVE HERE “ !! Why do I have to continually do their job! Pay attention! I am the only person that lives here.! I purchased this home in MAY 2023 !! Please stop delivering mail to people who are not residents at my address!
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USPS Customer
Please leave messages in mailboxes for picking up packages that cannot be delivered by drivers. Instead of “transferring” to another carrier. Thank you for your consideration on this suggestion.
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I live in Deerfield and Mebane.
I went to Melbourne Post Office 1 day. Told them that I was moving to another Another town they told me that they wanted me to put. Fill out a form to hold. My Mai went back to pick my meal up. What supposed to be in hold by the Carrier? And the Post Office and onstop this and I'll talk to a system manager earlier. And he told me that there was going to take the meal out of my milk box and bring it back to the Post Office so my mail can get hold so I can pick it up. I guess back to the Post Office. I don't have any mail. They don't have the yellow card saying that my mails been whole. They have not footed my mail. They still have not fought my mail. And we are talking about a month later. My mail has still have not got 40. It's not showing in the system. Their reviews are terrible. Their rate is terrible. I don't even know where my mail is at none of my meal. Have got forward from a the men's Post Office. A village drive the Carrier does not know where my mail is at. We think the Carrier have been sent in my mail back. But they're supposed to have been holding it. They were not holding it. They have up to 3 to 5 to 30 days to hold your mail on 15 days. All whole email, they do not have no mail for me. That does not make sense for me not to even get not one letter in my mailbox, I lived in that Apartment almost 2 years.
Very important male was coming through that. Male boxes supposed to be in. Hold coming from my doctor's office don't know where none of my Mail is at I am going to share this story until my mail get right. They do not even have it in the system that they have fought it my mail. What so air will they carry. I don't even know what my mail. The manager does not even know where my male lives. Nobody knows where my meal is at and it does not make sense. This is just ridiculous. I will share this. I will put this on review until my mail is correctly. It's done properly. It was not my mistake. I did what the office told me to do. And the office turned around and betrayed me, they A supervisor doesn't even know he tried to make like he did not even talk to me. The man that gave me the yellow form to fill out. We asked him about it. He disappeared, he don't know where it is. They could not find it. This does not make sense for somebody to use Lou. Somebody else's mail and now I'm gonna do anything wrong to that Carrier. I don't know what his problem were, but this was not the only first time that he had sent some of my mail all my medicine back. For no reason I think he needs to be fired because if he cannot do what the Post Office requires him to do, he don't love his job enough to make sure that everybody's mail is delivered properly than Rita, go home, let somebody else do the job that would love to do the job. I'm completely fed up because of this. No mail coming from my old address to my new address. They don't even know where it is. They still have not. Put my forward address in my forward. There's system yet because I have been calling for months to find out if my address coming from their office for to be forwarded to my new address. It's not even in the system. So what are these people doing? May God have mercy on their cell. I give them a one they do not even deserve the 1.
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Okay so I lived in Mebane. I put in a forward address for my son for his mail to come into my mailbox 2023. until I got ready to move.. and I did not supposed to move until January 2024 fill out the form at the post office in Mebane.. when I feel the form out it was only for one individual not the entire family because I had not moved yet.. went to the post office in Mebane and fill out a form to hold my mail because I was getting in the process of getting ready to move.. went back to Mebane post office to pick up whole mail and they could not find the form.. so they had no whole meal for me not whatsoever.. so I call and I talked to he said he was a assist manager.. come to find out that was not true.. decision manager told me that he was going to talk to the carrier if he had put in the mail in the box for him to bring it back and for me to pick it back up the next day.. that never happened.. so I asked questions where did the mail go.. nobody knows not even the carrier knows.. he knows he just not telling the truth.. I have had medication supposed to be delivered into my mailbox which he had returned.. I went back to the post office filled out a form for forwarding address for the entire family now that's not doing correctly.. I talked to a lady in there said that maybe do not hold mail but I have filled out the form for them to hold it.. all I have been getting is a bunch of run around have called the 800 number they have told me the procedure was supposed to took place and it did not take place what is the use of having mail and we cannot get our mail delivered to us properly what is the use of us filling out forms to hold mail and we cannot get that done properly what is the use of putting in a forward addresses and we cannot get that properly I have very important mail supposed to have reached me and do not even know where it is now when the government send you a letter said do not forward.. the other post office that I talked to said they send it back to the sender.. I called up there again I'll talk to a lady and she told me that people get checks in the mail if you getting a forward address that your check probably will come into your mail that was not correctly.. I asked him what the mailman still putting mail in my old address one mailman said probably so.. the lady called the carrier and the carrier said that he have not been put no mail in there.. within the time that I have filled out the yellow form it was not over 7 days where they could have hold my mail or waited until my forward was finalized.. that did not work correctly.. so at this point right now I don't know where my mail is at and where it is going they have made a huge mistake up there and they don't even care they have lied to me they have been dishonest to me they have not told the truth I put in another forward address and I still have not received no mail so what I think that carrier have been sending in mail back to the sender but when I live there he will put other people mail in there he wouldn't send their mail back to the center but for some reason he sends my mail back he have sent my medication back where I had got emails telling me that carrier has sent my medication back I've never did anything to this man I don't know him he is not a good carrier if he does not like his job then he need to give it up and give it to somebody else that would care about other people's mail.. I've never been through anything like this in my entire life and I have been around here a few 24 hours this is the biggest mess I've ever seen it doesn't make sense the man was not doing what it's supposed to do the people's in the office did not do what they supposed to do they lost the yellow form that fall to hold the mail they lost that couldn't find that had not been holding on mail something need to get done about this.. the carrier is so unprofessional.. the person that just supposed to turn in a yellow form when I walked into the office the post office he disappeared.. I understand when you own a job you have so much stuff to do and so many people mail to deliver I get that part but will you take a person's mail and do what you want to do with it when you want to do it and act like the person have not did what the post office have suggested you to do if that happened to just one person just think if it happened to a thousand of people it would be truly messed up I have nothing good to say about Melvin post office the one over there on village Street they have completely messed up I will make sure that I was pace and post this to other viewers so other people in the world that lives in Mebane have probably went through this the same thing I have with you because of their mistake just need to be checked into..
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The assistance you get at this post office location is professional, efficient, provided with a very knowledgeable staff that is eager to help in any way. I couldn’t ask for anything more!